Is your child actively involved in seeking out and auditioning for opportunities? If you are in constant need of content, and promotional support, consider personal branding services. Read the information below and Contact Us today!

  • Website/Portfolio

    A beautiful online portfolio to showcase your child's talent. Complete with résumé and photo galleries. Catch the eye of agencies and casting personnel.

  • Agency/Audition Materials

    Is your child actively seeking an agent? Or are they actively auditioning for opportunities? Let us help you putting together all the materials and demo reels.

  • Publicity Photos/Video

    Do you need regular photos/video for your child? Do you need an event covered with photos/video and a video reel? With a publicity subscription, we've got you covered. We can even work with you to create your own VIP events.

  • A La Carte Services

    While full publicity subscriptions have limited availability, most publicity services are also available a la carte. Prices vary depending on the service requested.

Publicity Subscriptions

Publicity subscriptions are tailored to your needs, and pricing varies according to your specific situation. A consultation is required to determine a plan of action, and what services are needed.

Due to the requirement for regular photos, subscriptions are only available in certain areas that are visited on a regular basis. View the current route map. Stops along the route are ok, and new areas may become available if there is enough interest. Contact Us to determine if your area is available.

Also, due to the extreme time commitment required for full publicity services, publicity subscription spaces are limited. They are reserved for the most active kids and require an audition. If you child is just starting out, or not currently active but wants to be, consider starting with a la carte services.

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