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If you have any questions, or are looking for more information, please fill out the form below and someone will be in contact with you shortly. If one of the solutions outlined on this website do not fit your needs, custom packages can always be developed. Just ask!

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Booking a Photoshoot
Contact us through the form on this page, by email at contact@artkeh.com, or DM us on Instagram (@artkeh).
Due to the requirement for regular services, subscriptions are available in limited areas. New areas can be added if there is enough interest, or if they are on-route, or close to, current stops. Contact us to inquire about a subscription. Click here to view the current route map.
Dance Teachers Welcome!
Yes, dance teachers are always welcome to come to dance photoshoots! They are the experts, and they know you well! Their input is always welcome.
No Drop Offs
In the interest of safety, a parent or adult guardian is always required to be present for the duration of any scheduled work.
All Ages Welcome
While we specialize in working with kids, adults are always welcome to sign up for a photoshoot, too! Just keep in mind that we have a family-friendly policy for photos and will not do Boudoir or other more adult styles of photography.
Selecting All-Stars
It is not possible to apply directly to be an All-Star. Artkeh All-Stars are selected from the kids that have proven themselves over time. Other opportunities outside of the All-Stars program will come up from time to time, but in every case people are selected from previous clients. It's not possible to select a representative if we don't know you or your parents.

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